Menifee Homebuyers: 6 Reasons Why You Should Google the Address

Menifee Homebuyers: 6 Reasons Why You Should Google the Address

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Google makes it much easier to scope out a great property. As Menifee homebuyers, here are six reasons why you should Google an address before buying.

  1. Check Out the Street View

Google Street View allows you to virtually go onto the street a house is on and look around. The satellite images will show you the other homes, anything on the street and whatever else is nearby. This is a great way to see what a home looks like from the outside when it’s not staged and all dolled up.

Remember, these images can be outdated. If the images you see online are vastly different, check to see when Google last updated its images before writing off the home.

  1. 2. Discover If the Home Was Flipped

Flipped properties can be great investments if the flipper did a good job of making all repairs. If you Google the address, you can find pictures of your home and get a sense of it’s history. While you shouldn’t write off flips, you should definitely insist on an inspection to make sure that all repairs were done correctly.

  1. 3. Check for Health Concerns

An address lookup will also pull up news stories as well as maps that you can check for major health concerns near your home. Check the news stories to get an idea of the crime around you. Have there been any drug busts or meth labs in the area?

You should also check Google maps for nearby airports and other major attractions that could cause problems for you. For example, living near a sports stadium might be fun (especially if you support the team), but do you really want to live near all that traffic?

  1. Map Out Your Life

With Google Street View, you can look at more than just your new street. You can also look at your new Menifee neighborhood, which will prepare you for what living in the home will be like. Map the route you’ll need to take to work every morning. Look for coffee shops and restaurants you’ll want to try out nearby.

If your kids are a little intimidated by the move, have them route the new path they’ll take to school every morning. Virtually walk up and down your street to see if there are homes with pools, trampolines or any other signs of other kids on the black. Doing this can get them excited for the move and take away a little moving stress.

  1. Investigate HOA Situations

If your Menifee home is part of a homeowners association, then there will be certain bylaws you’ll have to abide by. These associations may determine what kind of trees you can plant, what kind of pool you can have and where you can out your shed. Make sure you’re comfortable with these rules before buying a property.

  1. Look for Future Growth

Neighborhoods change every year. More investment usually means the properties are worth more. If your neighborhood and the surrounding areas are still developing, try finding city building permits to see what’s going up around you. These are public documents, so you should be able to file online. When you read these documents, look for any potential problems with the neighborhood.

Google can be a wonderful tool for Menifee homebuyers. Consider incorporating this strategy into your home search to add another layer or research into your process.

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