How to Handle a Menifee Home Seller Rejection

Posted by Luis Quinones // October 10, 2016

So you put in an offer for a home you loved, and something unfortunate happens. The Menifee home seller rejects your offer. You put a lot of work into deciding what to offer, and you think your offer was more than fair, considering the market. After months of searching for that perfect home, it seems […]

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What to Know About Contingencies in Menifee

Posted by Luis Quinones // September 26, 2016

A lot of people are familiar with the Menifee home buying process up until the deal is accepted. What many first-time Menifee buyers don’t know about is contingencies. A contingency is simply a provision. They’re set up in case something in the original offer goes wrong, and they help protect the money the buyer put […]

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3 Strategies for Competitive Menifee Homebuyers

Posted by Luis Quinones // September 12, 2016

As Menifee homebuyers, there’s nothing worse than making offers on homes and having them all rejected. If your offers never seem to get accepted, then maybe you’re not being competitive enough. Some real estate markets have a lot of competition, which means you don’t have time to make a second offer or negotiate. You have […]

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A Strategy to Figure Out What Your Corona Home is Worth

Posted by Luis Quinones // August 29, 2016

Considering that your Corona home is likely your most expensive asset it is always a good idea to understand what the current value is, even if you are not ready to list it for sale or refinance. There are a few ways to determine the value of your Corona home, but keep in mind that […]

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Important Steps in a Rancho Cucamongas Rehab Project

Posted by Luis Quinones // August 15, 2016

No two Rancho Cucamongas properties are the same, which means that not every single property is right for a Rancho Cucamongas rehab project. If you choose the wrong property you could be headed for disaster. But if you choose the right property you could be a success. Find below a list of tips to help […]

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Preparing Your Menifee Property for Rental

Posted by Luis Quinones // August 1, 2016

Turning a Menifee property into a rental can be a great investment and good source of income if you know the ins and outs and steps to getting it ready for tenants. Putting up a “for rent” sign is only one small part of the process of becoming a landlord. Here are a few of […]

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