8 Tips for Selling Your Menifee Home

8 Tips for Selling Your Menifee Home

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There’s nothing worse than having your home sit on the market for more than a month. If your home is not moving off of the market, here are eight tips that might help you when selling your Menifee home.

  1. Your Confidence is too high

Always be realistic about how much your home is worth. If you’re in a seller’s market, then there’s a good chance you’re not going to get a lot of offers, so when you get one, you won’t have time to look down your nose at it. If it’s a good offer, it’s worth at least negotiating.

  1. Your Price is Just Too High

If you’re in a seller’s market, then your home will never sell if it’s priced too high. You really need to find the best price that matches what your home is worth and still is doable for buyers. Work with a savvy agent who is good at pricing houses. The closer your home is to its true market value, the better.

  1. You Need to Do Repairs

Buying a Menifee home in need of a few upgrades and fixes can be very intimidating for buyers. They often think, “If these things are wrong, what else is wrong with the house?”

If your home is in need of a few repairs, consider either doing the repairs yourself or offering a buyer’s credit. Some homes need more specialty upgrades like certain faucets and light fixtures to get their true market value, so consider doing a few of these to up your home’s value.

  1. The Title Has a Problem

Get in contact with your title company and immediately resolve any problems the title has. Problems with titles scare buyers away, so make sure the mortgage is showing as paid off and the mechanic’s lien is gone, if there was any work done on your home by a subcontractor.

  1. Poor Photos

Great photos can generate a lot of interest online. If your photos aren’t staged or they don’t show off your Menifee home, then you’re going to have a hard time bringing in buyers.

Take the time to clean and stage your home. Then take plenty of photographs of all your rooms to carefully showcase them for buyers. You want to highlight the best features of your home while softening (but not hiding) the flaws in it.

  1. Your Agent is Apathetic

Some agents don’t put their hearts and souls into their work. They don’t try to find buyers, and they just let homes sit, hoping someone will see the home online and buy. That’s not a good strategy for selling your Menifee home.

Make sure your agent is someone that you would want to invite to dinner or out for a drink. If you don’t like or respect your agent, then you won’t enjoy working with him or her. If your relationship isn’t a good one, then it may be time to move on.

  1. Your Home Smells

Bad smells that come from mildew and mold can drive out buyers in seconds. No one wants to buy a home that smells bad, so if you know your home has a smell, then it’s time to clean your home and look for the reason for the smell. Consider having the carpets treated or hiring a professional cleaning service to find the source of the smell.

  1. Your Appliances Look Dated

No one wants to buy a home with major appliances that look like they were bought in the 1950s. If your appliances look dated or in poor condition, then it’s time to upgrade them. You don’t have to buy stainless steel (although that’s not a bad option), but you should be buying quality products. Make sure you check your heater and other heating and cooling appliances as well.

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