4 Things to Know About a Flipped Home in Menifee, CA

4 Things to Know About a Flipped Home in Menifee, CA

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Some buyers write off flipped home and refuse to tour them, but if you do, then you might be missing out on a great deal. These homes have been fully renovated, and they’re ready for you to move in.

If you’re considering buying a flipped home in Menifee, CA here are four things to know.

Look at All the Details

Even if the flipped home has been renovated, you shouldn’t let your guard down. Like with any home you tour, you need to be looking out for warning signs that the house may have more trouble underneath.

Look for details such as:

  • Light switch plates that don’t lay flat against the wall
  • Crown molding of a different color in the corners
  • Noticeable gaps in the countertop and wall
  • Noticeable gaps in the bathroom tile
  • Cabinets and doors that don’t shut very tightly

Major cosmetic errors could be a sign that something much larger is wrong with the house. Not all flippers pay attention to detail so make sure you do.

Have an Inspection Done

Never skip the inspection, even if you’re buying a newly renovated home. The inspector will double check the contractor’s work and make sure everything is in working order and was done correctly.

The inspector will also look for other problems the contractor may have missed. This is a good way to get a little extra reassurance that the home you’re looking at is solid.

Try to Double Due Diligence

You need to be going over every document related to your new home. You need to check out the permits that the contractor took out to do his or her work, and you need to make sure that the city signed off on them. This ensures that the new construction is safe for you to live in.

Make sure you ask for all these documents, but if you don’t get them from the builder, you can look them up or head to your building department in Menifee. All permits will be public record so you can see for yourself.

If your home had bad or illegal work, then you will have to pay for it down the line. Don’t buy your home without looking at these permits first.

Investigate Your Flipper

You should try to find out everything you can about your flipper’s work and how previous buyers feel about their homes. Find out how much experience your flipper has and whether or not your flipper has a good reputation in the community. Realtors often know more about flippers so ask yours for more information.

If a flipper’s reputation is good, then he or she should have no problem sharing information and disclosing past work. Flippers want to spread the word about their work so it’s in their best interest to talk about their previous work. If you find out that your builder doesn’t have any problems, then you should feel comfortable working with him or her.

No matter who you buy them from, flipped homes need to thoroughly inspected before purchasing in Menifee, CA. Don’t let your guard down because of the thought of renovation. There could still be trouble.

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